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Al Jolson left a vast body of recorded material, which help us in seeing an essence of what it must have been like to watch and hear The World's Greatest Entertainer. Here is a multimedia potpourri of some of this library. Many sections of this area are updated frequently, so be sure to check back often to see your favorites, and discover new treasures.

Studio Recordings From 1911 through 1950, Al Jolson amassed a body of over 200 recordings on four labels. Here is your chance to listen to old favorites and discover new ones.

Radio From starting the original Kraft Music Hall through the peak of commercial radio broadcasting, Al Jolson remained a star of the air. Here is a complete radio program and more.

Film Al Jolson starred in eleven feature films, made a ground breaking short, and had two films made of his life before his death. He also had cameo roles in two other movies. Here are information and features about those motion pictures.

All Recordings Al Jolson's works span recordings, film, and broadcast media. This section contains all known songs sung by Al Jolson on commercial recordings, radio programs and movie soundtracks. The tunes are listed alphabetically and each song is posted in chronological order therein.

Stage That Broadway turned out the lights upon Al Jolson's death points to his influence on the Great White Way. This section, very much under development, looks at Al Jolson's stage appearances, both on Broadway and elsewhere.

Command Performance It was said that if you saw Al Jolson on a street corner, he would stop and sing songs just for you, a Command Performance. Here is a section of the website where we do just that, feature songs or video clips requested by you, the visitors to the site, along with other special features.

CDs While Jolson's original recorded medium was the 78 rpm record, those recordings transitioned through LPs and now onto CDs. Check out a special, new compact disc of Jolson material, along with a listing of CDs that have become available, many of which you can purchase in local stores or by mail order.

Where to Buy It In years past, it was quite difficult to acquire recordings and films of Al Jolson for your own library. Now, thanks to compact disks and videotape, much of the work of The World's Greatest Entertainer can by yours. Here is a list of vendors who stock a wide variety of Jolson material. Using the links on this page makes it easy to find materials, and helps support this site as well.

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