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From 1911 through 1950, Al Jolson amassed a body of over 200 recordings on four labels. Here is your chance to listen to old favorites and discover new gems.

Beginning with a George M. Cohan song in 1911, and ending with a set of Steven Foster melodies in 1950, the span of Al Jolson's studio recordings is enormous. It includes the first "million seller" recording, "Sonny Boy," as well as songs regarded as standards even today. The World's Greatest Entertainer left us quite a legacy in his recorded works, recording for four companies over forty years. Here are complete discographies for those recordings, on each label.

In Jolson's world, February was a cold month. Maybe that's why there are not a lot of recordings from that month. Nonetheless, there are some great ones, with a favorite, I'm sure! Check every week to see a new bunch of songs from this month.
February Recording Page.

The weather may turn cold in January, but Al Jolson kept the recording studio hot with a nice list of more than a score of songs. Ranging from the very well known to the obscure, they represent an interesting slice of Jolson music, presented for you for this month, in retrospect.
January Recording Page.

The Permanent Collection
Permanent Collection
If you love the voice of Al Jolson, if you've never really heard the voice of Al Jolson, or if you are somewhere in between, there are those songs that you've just got to hear. Assembled here are more than two dozen songs that comprise the "essential" Al Jolson. Spanning his career from youth to senior singer, songs from recordings, film, and radio are represented. Some of them are standards, some of them are special, all of them are testimony to the talent that was Al Jolson. Listen to them in the Permanent Collection.

While the Permanent Collection represents the fan's picks of Jolson's songs, Al had his say, too. In June, 1948, Jolson featured his favorites in Song Hits magazine. Have a look, and don't be too surprised at the selection! Al Jolson's Picks!

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