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Do I have to tell you that this week's Kraft Music Hall is a great show? With guest star Charles Boyer, who would return to the program later in the run, Jolson really had a chance to let his hair down. Poking fun at The Jolson Story, this program includes a unique rendition of "April Showers" -- you'll hear what I mean when you enjoy this edition of the Kraft Music Hall program from November, 1947.
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Charles Boyer and Al Jolson

The Kraft Music HallIn many ways, the Kraft Music Hall represented the peak of the comeback of Al Jolson. Here is more information about the program, including a complete listing of guest stars, and the review from Variety of the opening program.

Al Jolson's Lifebuoy Program With 99 programs broadcast over almost 2½ years, there are precious few transcriptions of this largest body of Jolson broadcast work. Here is a little bit about Al Jolson's Cafe Trocadero, later The Al Jolson Program, and a look at some of the material the IAJS has added to the catalog.

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30 Oct 46
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