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Al Jolson may have left this earth over a half century ago, but his voice and image live on in stage and media productions to this day. Whether as the subject as a stage production or television show, or in the personna of an individual assuming his character, it is still possible to experience the electricity of The World's Greatest Entertainer, years after his death.

See Jolie on TV!
Often, although not often enough, Al Jolson movies will show up on television, or he will be included in programs related to his times or music. Check the Jolson Television Page for information on upcoming broadcasts, as well as for information on where to send your requests for future airings of Jolson material.

His Voice
Jolie liked to say that folks loved to sing in the shower and sound like Jolson; but there are many performers throughout the years who could stand on stage and bring back memories of The World's Greatest Entertainer. These are the Al Jolson Memorializers.

Al Jolson Spotted On Broadway!

Show stopper from Thoroughly Modern Millie My wife told me about this, having seen the show, and I could not wait to share it with the visitors to this website. In the current production of Thoroughly Modern Millie on Broadway, the second act is brought to a screeching halt by this number, entitled "Muqin." Take a listen, and see if you can recognize the song from this short clip. If you like, you can purchase the original cast album from by clicking here.

Fosse on Broadway Me And My Shadow Well, you can imagine my joy when, while watching the hit Broadway Tony Award Winning Musical Fosse, two girls and a guy broke into a Jolson song! Only, while he may have sung the song, he never recorded it. But he did write it! The song was "Me And My Shadow," written with Billy Rose and Dave Dreyer. Still, it was nice to see the name "Jolson" in a Broadway Playbill Magazine.

While the thought of a new production about Al Jolson may seem incredible, one is evolving, in a small town in Germany, under the creative eye of Andrea Oberheiden and Jens Reinke. Here is information about their project, and how you can help.

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