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Al Jolson's early song list contained lots of songs asking questions. "Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go With Friday On Saturday Night?" "Who Paid The Rent For Mrs. Rip Van Winkle When Rip Van Winkle Went Away?" "Who Played Poker With Pocohontas When John Smith Went Away?" You get the picture? Well, here is your chance to answer some questions about Al Jolson and his career. Good luck! After you answer some questions, wander around the website for all kinds of information about the life and career of Al Jolson.
A Jolson Journey
Take a journey through Al Jolson's life, including questions about his family and career. Ten multiple choice questions sure to test your knowledge of The World's Greatest Entertainer.
Take the Jolson Journey

The second Jolson quiz
This second edition of the Jolson quiz centers around Al Jolson's Kraft Music Hall, along with some questions about Jolson's film biographies. They are not as easy as you might think!
Take the Second Jolson Quiz
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