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If Al Jolson was "The King," as Eddie Cantor called him, then he was surrounded by more than just subjects. He was the center of a group of entertainers such as the world has never known before or since. Here are some pages and links devoted to some of those individuals. You can also investigate other Jolson Related Pages on the World Wide Web.

Sybil Jason
Sybil Jason is known to Jolson fans as the seven year old wonder who stole the screen from Al Jolson in The Singing Kid. But she was much more than that, as a look at her history will show. Of course, you can also catch a glimpse of the magic between Sybil and Al on this page devoted to Sybil Jason, Warner Brothers' First Child Star.

Tony Babino
When Tony Babino performed at the 1985 Jolson Centennial in New York, Irving Caesar, lyricist for Gershwin's "Swanee," screamed, "You're Great!" And great he is, as Jolson fans who have seen him perform know. You can see Tony's page on the Memorializer section, or click to see his personal website, detailing all of his talents.

Richard Halpern There's no question about it, Richard Halpern brings down the house when he performs at Jolson events; but there's much more to this versatile entertainer. Check out Richard's site, where he shows his Jolson side, and another, quite different, aspect to his performing style. Click to see Richard Halpern's website.

Joe Franklin
He carries the Kingship of the Nostalgia world, with his domain the radio and television airwaves for over a half century. Joe Franklin is more than a New York personality, he is known the world over. In May, 2002, he sat down with IAJS member Brian Decker, for this entertaining session.

Davey Lee
Remember the little boy that Jolson invited up on his knee -- Davey Lee? Well, after a short but illustrious film career, Davey got out of show business. After a stint in community theatre, Davey suffered a stroke, and passed away on June 17, 2008. Here is a little more about Al Jolson's first child co-star.

Larry Parks
It was his face putting out Al Jolson's voice that converted many of us to Jolson fans for life. But Jolson's film biographies were not the only movies Larry Parks made. Here is a fascinating interview with the star of The Jolson Story and Jolson Sings Again, with lots about Larry, his wife Betty Garrett, and his body of work.

Eddie Cantor
Check out my page on Al Jolson's lifelong friend, Eddie Cantor. Along with a little biographical information, you can find some Real Audio files in which Eddie Cantor tells his side of some famous Jolson stories. There's even a link to the Eddie Cantor fan club and a special offer for Eddie Cantor/Al Jolson CDs!

Mike Burstyn as Al Jolson The man who brought Al Jolson to the stage has a website of his own. Click on over to Mike Burstyn's site, to get a glimpse of the man behind the character. This multifaceted entertainer brought a personal tradition and heritage to his portrayal of The World's Greatest Entertainer, along with superb theatrical skills.

Harry Warren What do "Home In Pasadena," "Mammy, I'll Sing About You," "Goin' To Heaven On A Mule," and "Go Into Your Dance," among others, have in common? Of course, they were all introduced and popularized by Al Jolson; but they were written by Harry Warren, whose career helped define the musical form. Check out this tribute page to Mr. Warren, which includes MIDI files and lyrics of a library full of wonderful songs.

George Burns In 1978, Playboy magazine featured an interview with George Burns, a legend in his own right, and friend of Al Jolson and others of the era. In this interview, Burns tells some of the more candid items about the World's Greatest Entertainer, and assorted inhabitants of the early stage. Sit back and read this very enjoyable piece of show business wisdom and wit!

Eubie BlakeHere's a little story about Al Jolson and another music great, Eubie Blake, that serves to illuminate a dark corner of the Jolson story. Check out this tale of Al and Eubie.

Druxman's Jolson
Are you interested in putting on a play about Al Jolson? Well, Michael Druxman wrote an interesting one man play devoted to Al Jolson, and has made the script available for reading. While royalties are required for performance, you can get a look by just reading the script.
Click and have a look at his website.

The script can be obtained from - click here to check it out.

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