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The International
Al Jolson Society

With over a thousand members worldwide, the International Al Jolson Society promotes and rejoices in perpetuating the memory and spreading the fame of The World's Greatest Entertainer, Al Jolson. Here is news of interest to members of the Society, as well as Society sponsored events that help us remember Jolie.

Korean Vet Project
Special thanks to the many who have been taking part in THE JOLSON SERVICE PROJECT ("The Veteran Project"). This was the Jolson Society's efforts to find servicemen and women who saw Al Jolson during his World War II and Korean War entertainment tours. A written summary and report of the project is available (in PDF format) for any IAJS member, as well as a 25 minute DVD presentation, available for $10, and a hard copy $15. These prices are postpaid in the US, contact Kirk for other countries. Kirk Estee and Marvin Freeman have done a fantastic job with this project, and likely the work will continue as long as Jolson's spirit remains alive and well in our hearts. Anyone interested in obtaining one of the versions of the project can contact Kirk Estee at:
Click here or on the photo to see the kind of story that this project has uncovered.

On September 10, 2010, New York's Newsday published a great article about Al Jolson, the Society, and the Long Island Festival that previous month. Here is the online version of the article for your enjoyment!

Dolores Kontowicz
With love an affection, the International Al Jolson Society remembers Dolores Kontowicz, who brought together Al Jolson fan clubs and fans in 1950, following the death of Al Jolson, creating the Society that we enjoy today. Click to hear about those days, in her own words.

Jolon Festivals
Every year, the International Al Jolson Society gathers together for an annual Jolson Festival. You can click on the image to watch this page take shape, highlighting Festivals over the years.

Also, enjoy this report on the 2014 Jolson Festival held in the Northern UK, in Manchester, England

Larry Parks singing Cantor on the Sabbath In the 1946 film biography of Al Jolson, The Jolson Story, several scenes, though shot for the movie, were ultimately cut out of the movie when it was released for distribution. One of those scenes shows Al Jolson, played by Larry Parks, singing the Yiddish song, "A Cantor on the Sabbath," to a group of friends. This clip has been discovered, and is available to members of the International Al Jolson Society. Click to read more about the clip, and how to get a copy for your own.

Video Department Along with the special Cantor on the Sabbath DVD, the Video Department of the IAJS has a wealth of material transferred to DVD in crisp, clear format. Not only are all of his movies available, but there are special features and compilations that are "must haves" for the Jolson enthusiast. Click here to see the latest materials available to members of the International Al Jolson Society from the Video Department!

Jolson CDs from IAJS The International Al Jolson Society is pleased to announce an extensive collection of Al Jolson on Radio and Recordings, exclusively available from the IAJS. Check them out and order yours, today! Not a member yet? Just click and Join Today!

Feedback on the Jolson Journal Twice a year, the International Al Jolson Society publishes the Jolson Journal. Each issue, one in the Spring and one in the Fall, contains a wide variety of articles and stories about Jolson, frequently reprinting articles published under Al's name, along with facts and information available nowhere else. Be sure to let us know with your Journal feedback form what you liked and thought of the publication. If you aren't yet a member of the Society, you can take a look at the table of contents and get an idea what you are missing! Then fill out the Online Application Blank and join the IAJS!

Many have asked about a little wallet sized card that could be handed out to promote the International Al Jolson Society. You can download this PDF file for the US version, and print it out on card stock, cutting it on the lines, to yield ten business card sized promotions for the IAJS. It will also print on the perforated Avery Business Card forms, for easier production. Hand them out to friends and associates who ask you about where they can see more about Al Jolson! For the convenience of members in the UK, click here to download a special version of the card for the UK. Get the free Adobe Reader Viewing or printing these cards requires the free Adobe Reader, which is often preinstalled on most computers, and allows reading the PDF file format used. If you don't have a copy, click the Adobe link at right to download a free copy of the reader.

Officers of the
International Al Jolson Society
Howard "Skip"
USA Audio DirectorDebbie
UK Audio DirectorKevin
USA Video DirectorJohn Webster
UK Video DirectorSteve James
Journal EditorStan
Publicity DirectorDavid
UK Publicity DirectorReg
Archive DirectorPaul
Internet DirectorMarc I.

Shaken by the death of their idol, Al Jolson, a group of Jolson fans got together in 1950 and put together the International Al Jolson Society, out of the fragments of Al Jolson fan clubs throughout the United States. Over the years, the Society has grown to international proportions, with well over a thousand supporters throughout the world. Dues are modest, US$25, UK£16, annually, and benefits are many. The IAJS sponsors Jolson Conventions, maintains a complete library of Jolson recordings and radio programs, and even has a line of Jolsonesque collectibles. If you would like to join the Society, press the JOIN button below, fill out the on-line application, and send your dues to the address on the home page. Or, if you prefer, just drop me an Email message with your name and address, or send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to me at the post office box address on the home page, and I will send you an application by snailmail.
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